About Us

What's in a name? Or who is Zoa Mae?

The name was chosen to represent my creative spirit and honor my great grandmothers. Great Grandma Zoa helped nourish that spirit. And she helped raise me, not because my parents weren’t available, but because my mother returned to work right after I was born, and, in that day, there was no daycare.

Grandma was incredibly talented. It was said you couldn’t tell the front of her embroidery from the back. She was the one who put embroidery needles, and crochet needles, in my (and my brother’s) hands. She would tell about rocking me as a baby. I now have that rocking chair and, after reupholstering it, have enjoyed rocking my youngest grandbaby. With Grandma, breakfast was often cherry pie and coffee (mostly milk and sugar). Guess I know where my sweet tooth came from. Grandma lived into her eighties, raising five children and countless grand- and great-grandchildren. She survived WW1, WW2, the depression, the dust bowl, divorce, flu epidemics and so much more. If I, and my creations, are half as resilient as she is, I’ve done a good job.

The ‘Mae?’ Dora Mae was the beginning of a D- Mae or Marie tradition in my family. My daughter is the sixth, and granddaughter is the seventh D.  Why does this matter, and why did I use these names? For me it seems if you don’t know where you started, how will you know where you’re going? My family roots are very important to me. Mine is filled with love of creativity and learning. I hope to share that with you.

Please enjoy browsing - I hope these pieces will help you feel grounded and connected in this world - connecting you to nature, your faith, your memories. In addition to this site, you can find Zoa Mae Designs at local craft/art shows and on Etsy at https://www.ZoaMaeDesigns.etsy.com   If you're looking for off the beading path etsy page - for fair-trade and vintage supplies and jewelry - click here: https://www.offthebeadingpathva.etsy.com

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